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Биговальные матрицы/Creasing Matrix

Биговальные матрицы/Creasing Matrix
Добавлено: 05.03.2022


offers the greatest size variety available on the market and is recognized as the leading creasing matrix worldwide. The ideal creasing system for all applications and materials – whether virgin fibre or recycled material, paper or folding cartons, laminated micro flute or corrugated board, fully imprinted, UV coated or foil laminated. Perfect handling due to Fingerlift technique and easy to trim with the knife. Outstanding adhesive power on the cutting plate and residue-free removal thanks to EasyFix technology.

The product advantages of CREASLNG MATRLX  are simply excellent:

Flexible coating on a sturdy base for consistently high crease quality from the first to the last sheet, even for extremely large runs
All versions with SG technology
Reduces cracking of the crease
Ideal for repeat jobs or for archiving in combination with cutting plates
Available in around 600 different sizes, versions and specials
Flexibility means long service life with maximum quality. In practice tests, runs of over 500,000 sheets have been produced with constant quality. Crease measurements found effectively no deviations.